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December 1, 2023
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www.waraxe.us Forum Index -> All other hashes -> Decrypt this please
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Decrypt this please
PostPosted: Fri Apr 18, 2008 8:16 am Reply with quote
Advanced user
Advanced user
Joined: Apr 10, 2008
Posts: 128

someone can decrypt me these password i dont know what type is.


thank you
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 18, 2008 12:44 pm Reply with quote
Site admin
Site admin
Joined: May 11, 2004
Posts: 2407
Location: Estonia, Tartu

These are DES hashes and you can try to crack them with JTR or Passwordspro Wink
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 19, 2008 8:01 am Reply with quote
Valuable expert
Valuable expert
Joined: May 24, 2007
Posts: 665
Location: Bulgaria

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 25, 2008 7:01 pm Reply with quote
Joined: Apr 25, 2008
Posts: 1

Please help me - can anyone decrypt this?

-1v 2ch 74 2cd,73 2cd am 2f7,am 2f5 e2 2f0 ej 2jh,ej 2jc 55n 531,-3u 1vc 3s 1vf 73 2cg,3j 2ks 5st 5pk,4v2 507 5rl 551,55r 54d 6qi 51p,62i 54o 7h3 4uv,79l 520 802 4ol,1oa 3dj 5mi 5ho,5bv 5dn 6tg 52n,6rj 55p 88k 4tm,7u3 4pp 83s 4gs,83q 4gs 86s 4gu 87o 5re 8ng 5rf,86b 5go 86b 5s7,bju 5t3 cb1 61k,81g 4lm 7os 4sr,7o5 4s5 806 4np,7uc 4oe 82k 4j9,8nd 5re bdt 85b,3r 1vg 1a 1kn,-5b 1kp 1e 1kq,-20 11l 1b 1kv,-20 11l -el 111,85r 4jf 859 60f,85n 5ud 8hg 60p,8nc 5re 902 5og,904 5og bmo 85r,au5 802 c4e 888,bgv 834 c3u 8a6,be7 7uu c5h 89q,bok 84l cf8 8al,c5d 888 ben 80h,bic 813 b6q 7of,bad 7si bpm 84j,bcr 7td bkj 81v,boq 87q cuv 8k2,c7r 89j d58 8e6,cth 8dn fbi 8dn,etf 8fs fkn 87o fld 878 fm4 86m fmq 861 fnj 859 fog 84e fov 83p fpc 833,f92 8c8 eru 8dv,evm 8dt fca 8as,eqj 8dt fbp 8bp,f15 8dc ff4 89p,f7s 8bn erp 8e5,f39 8e7 fm2 89e,e6m 8fv fpd 8fa,fri 7vg fu9 7vj,8jf 5v3 81d 5va,81b 5uu 851 4k6,83q 4gt 84g 4fh,fpc 836 fqa 7vu,fpa 836 fr4 7t4 frg 7vf,12g 30f 5o8 5fu,4sg 4ur 5bq 528,4qu 4ti 5e9 52u,4q9 4su 5bs 52s,597 51f 5l0 53r,562 5b2 6dj 5aq,5gv 535 5ss 53s,5mf 58k 7qo 553,6jr 52a 72e 50o,6ij 529 740 50s,6ru 554 841 571,7vl 55n 7vh 67b,7uq 678 bsg 8ht,bca 8ag esh 8m4,e4p 8ju fv7 8et,ftn 8bi fsi 81n,frh 7ve g3s 7v7,g3s 7v2 is1 9t1,i6h 9k4 ioj a0q,in4 9pn j6h 9sj,iju 9ne ist 9rl,irl 9th jc2 a15,j0i 9st jht 9s0,ivs 9re jl5 9s5,jb5 9tc ij1 9o6,igp 9lf j30 9so,iqh 9ph j9f 9sk,j00 9qo j8b 9rt,iqp 9t6 iga 9lv,ie0 9ja ip5 9pc,imo 9qv jn6 a1a,jh8 9s0 k9k 9r7,k9m 9r9 l1g 9bl,ki3 9no k14 9sf,kao 9pr kht 9m2,k1c 9rf k9p 9q7,k69 9qt kcr 9ov,ke6 9o1 kle 9jl,kcc 9uq kt7 9lu,l1g 9bk l16 aaq,l16 aap lgd aat lgp 974,lgp 971 ofu 97n ofj bbu os5 bc9,omr bd1 p1t bdl,os3 bc8 or9 9dn,or7 9dl snq d79,hk7 948 hkb 94b,er 2o2 -2 2cm,5g 29q 8o 2ee,5p 296 7r 2dl,6b 2bj 9k 2ei,9c 2e6 cv 2fg,84 2df bi 2f6,fa 2dv eh 2je,e0 2f0 f8 2dv,de 2f0 em 2em,d0 2f7 f0 2ee##
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Decrypt this please
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