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Lots of money fast and easy!
PostPosted: Tue Mar 14, 2006 9:58 am Reply with quote
Joined: Mar 14, 2006
Posts: 1

Wanna make money without working hard?
Wanna make money easily?
Take 5 minutes to read this, you won't be sorry....
I've found this article the same way you did, browsing the net.
The article explains how each of us can make money, lots of money, in a few weeks, while endangering only 15 dollars
My first thought was that's a scam, but i was curious and continued reading.
It was said there that if i send 3 dollars to each of the 5 paypal addresses below,
i will be able to make thousands in a very short time.
In addition I need to add my own paypal address to the list as number 3, and post it as many message boards i can
There are a few millions of them on the net, so that's lots of money.
Usually i ignore such posts, but this one sounded logical,
and the results were quick to come.
If this posts moves as it has to be, if we all forget our suspicion for a second, we all can gain from it.
How much energy do we waste on being afraid we are being cheated, isn't it an absurd?! Better use this energy to do some bucks
Who knows, maybe it will work?
The question i asked myself before starting this was would it work?
Is it true?
And yes it works!
The man who sent me this mail told me:
"After a few days days i've began recieving money on my Paypal
I was shocked, i was sure it will and quickly, and didn't think of it much,
By the end of the first week i had 15 dollars,
after another week i had 1,000$.
At the end of the third week i had close to 7,000 more dollars on my account.
And it grows daily! now is the end of the 4-th week, and i've got more then 45,000 dollars.
It was worth the few dollars i've spent".

Pay attention, and follow the rules that follow,
It's easy, it's legal, and you risk only 9 dollars.
In a week you'll regain this much.
If you follow the instructions correctly, You'll make $$$ with no problem at all.
This plan stays successfull thanks' to the honesty of the people that read it.
Please! Keep the success going, and help each of us gain from it.

Here are the 4 steps for success:
1) Open a paypal account here: www.paypal.com. (If you already have an account skip this step)
2) Add 15 dollars to it.
2) Send three(3) dollars to each of these Payapl accounts:
1. bob.qui@gmail.com
2. ashley_nirvana@yahoo.com
3. igor_shamen@walla.com
4. masha_romanova79@bk.ru
5. RobBrown61@hotmail.com
3) In Category of Purchase select Service
4) In the Email Subject tab write "Mailing list payment"
5) Remove the first e-mail address from the list.
6) Move all the other addresses one place higher.
7) Add your own Paypal account e-mail address as the 5-th adress in the list.
Cool Change as much else needed in this mail, but try to keep it as close as possible to the original.
9) Send this message to as many forums, message boards, friends, or where you wish as possible.
A minimum of 300 is a good quantity, but the more you send, the more money you get, so try your best.

Please remember!
This plan remains successful thanks to the honesty and integration of it's participants,
so please make sure to follow the instuction exactly as stated.

Look at it this way:
Until your name is removed from the list, you will already recieve thousands,
don't be greedy and let others get some money too.
If everybody is greedy nobody will earn anything, of none are, everybody will earn allot.

And now lets disucuss why should you participate?

Let's say that out of the 300 message you've sent, you recieve 7 replies(a very low percentage).
This gives 21 dollars from being number 5 on the list, already more money then you've put into it.
Now each of the people who took up your message recieve 7 replies.
That's 7x7=49 reply. each of them giving you 3 more dollars,
Which means 147 dollars from you being number 4 on the list. plus the 21 you already have - 168.
Now these 49 people send it to a minimum of 300 message boards, and each recieve 7 replies.
49x7=343 replies. THis gives you 1029, dollars. with the 168 that you already have you reach the total of 1,197 bucks!
As number two on the list, you get 2401 replies, 7,203 dollars!
And finally, as number one on the list, you get 2,407x7= 16,849 replies, which are 40,752 dollars.
All summerzied up you make 49,152 dollars without moving from your computer.

And all you have put into it is 15 dollars!
So your net profit is 49,752-15=49,737 dollars.
And that's if you send only 300 messages.
If you send 600 messages, the profit is doubled!

Wish you luck!
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 16, 2006 12:24 pm Reply with quote
Valuable expert
Valuable expert
Joined: Jun 09, 2004
Posts: 208
Location: USA

Please do not post e-mail pyramid scams here....



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Lots of money fast and easy!
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