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Google wordlist creator
PostPosted: Thu Nov 06, 2008 10:07 pm Reply with quote
Joined: Nov 25, 2006
Posts: 141
Location: Finland

use strict;
use warnings;
use LWP::Simple qw($ua get);
use HTML::Parser;

&usage unless @ARGV==4;
my $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new;
   $ua->agent('Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20070309 Firefox/');
my($min,$max,$term,$result,@urls,@words) = ($ARGV[0],$ARGV[1],$ARGV[2],$ARGV[3]);
print "[+] Min word length: $min\n[+] Max word length: $max\n[+] Term: $term\n[+] Result file: $result\n";

sub in_array {for(my $x=1;$x<=$#_;$x++){if($_[$x] eq $_[0]){return $x;}}return 0;}

sub trim($){
   my $str = shift;
     $str =~ s/^(.*?)(?:\x0D\x0A|\x0A|\x0D|\x0C|\x{2028}|\x{2029})/$1/s;#From the module Text::Chomp
     $str =~ s/   //g;
     $str =~ s/\-//g;
     $str =~ s/\://g;
     $str =~ s/\%//g;
     $str =~ s/\(//g;
     $str =~ s/\)//g;
     $str =~ s/([!-)]*)//g;
   return $str;

sub usage{
   print "Usage: WordlistCreator.pl <min word length> <max word length> <dork/word> <results list>\n";
   print "\tEnclose dork/word in spaces for \"multiple words\"\n";
   print "Eg: WordlistCreator.pl 6 13 niggers racism.txt\n";
   print "Eg: WordlistCreator.pl 5 10 \"site:myspace.com wigger\" myspace.txt\n";

sub getreq($){
   my $url = $_[0];
   my $request = HTTP::Request->new(GET => $url);
   my $myrequest = $ua->request($request);
      return $myrequest->content;
      print "\n[e] Connection error - " . $myrequest->status_line . "\n";
      return 0;

sub google($$){
   my ($dork,$start) = ($_[0],$_[1]);
   $dork =~ s/\?/\%3f/g;
   $dork =~ s/ /\+/g;
   $dork =~ s/:/\%3A/g;
   $dork =~ s/\//\%2F/g;
   $dork =~ s/&/\%26/g;
   $dork =~ s/\"/\%22/g;
   $dork =~ s/\'/\%27/g;
   $dork =~ s/,/\%2C/g;
   $dork =~ s/\\/\%5C/g;
   my $url = "http://www.google.com.au/search?q=$dork&start=$start&num=100";
   print "[+] $url\n";
   my $content = &getreq($url);
   if($content =~ m/<h1>We\'re sorry\.\.\.<\/h1>/){
      print "[!] Google killed you\n";
      return 0;
   while($content =~ m/<h2 class=r><a href=\"http:\/\/([a-z0-9-\.]+)\/(.*?)\"/ig){
         my $dad = "http://$1";
         print "[+] $dad\n";
   if ($content =~ m/<td nowrap class=b><a href=\"\/(.*?)\"><div id=nn><\/div>Next<\/a><\/table><\/div><\/div><center>/){
      print "[+] Another page\n";
      &google($dork,($start + 100));

sub textreeeh{
      my @wordz = split(/ /,shift);
         my $word = trim($_);
            $word = "\L$word";
         if(($word =~ m/^([a-z0-9]*)$/i) && (length($word)>($min-1)) && (length($word)<($max+1))){
               @words = sort(@words);
               open(ELOG,">>$result") || die "[-] Couldn't open file: $result\n";
               print ELOG "$word\n";

print "[+] Searching google for $term\n";
print "[+] Finished searching, building..\n";
open(ELOG,">>$result") || die "[-] Couldn't open file: $result\n";
print ELOG "";
open("prevwords",$result) || die("[+] Couldn't open file: $result\n");
@words = <prevwords>;
   my $url = $_;
   print "[+] $url\n";
   my $content = &getreq($url);
   my $p = HTML::Parser->new(text_h => [\&textreeeh, 'text']);
print "[+] Got this many words: " . ($#words+1) . "\n";
my $resultsize = ((-s $result)/1024);
print "[+] Size of wordlist: " . substr($resultsize,0,4) . " Kb\n";

Usage: WordlistCreator.pl <min word length> <max word length> <dork/word> <results list>
Enclose dork/word in spaces for "multiple words"
Eg: WordlistCreator.pl 6 13 niggers racism.txt
Eg: WordlistCreator.pl 5 10 "site:myspace.com wigger" myspace.txt

It works by taking your string, Googling it and getting all the results it can then goes to each URL and parses the HTML and gets words out.

Eg: WordlistCreator.pl 6 13 searchterm dump.txt

This will Google for "searchterm" and find words that have lengths between 6 and 13, and dump to dump.txt
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Google wordlist creator
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