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www.waraxe.us Forum Index -> PhpBB -> Help me Phpbb 2.0.10
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Help me Phpbb 2.0.10
PostPosted: Sun Mar 06, 2005 1:48 pm Reply with quote
Regular user
Regular user
Joined: Dec 21, 2004
Posts: 10

I read a bug below :


phpBB Group phpBB2 Arbitrary File Unlink Vulnerability

iDEFENSE Security Advisory 02.22.05
February 22, 2005


phpBB is an open source bulletin board package written in the PHP web
scripting language. More information about phpBB is available from:



Remote exploitation of an input validation vulnerability in the phpBB
Group's phpBB2 bulletin board system allows attackers to unlink (delete)
arbitrary system files under the privileges of the web server.

phpBB is an open-source web-based bulletin board system written in PHP.
The vulnerability specifically exists due to a combination of several
flaws that allows a remote attacker to control the arguments in a call
to unlink().The first flaw occurs in the avatar gallery, where a user is
permitted to specify part of the directory name for the desired avatar.
Directory traversal modifies (ex: "/../") are not properly filtered out,
allowing a user to break out of the default avatar directory. This issue
is realized in lines 68-71 of usercp_avatar.php:

if (
. '/' . $avatar_filename)) && ($mode == 'editprofile') )
$return = ", user_avatar = '" . str_replace("/'", "''",
$avatar_filename) . "', user_avatar_type = " .

Avatar's are then composed with the following code excerpt found in line
90 of usercp_viewprofile.php:

$avatar_img = ( $board_config['allow_avatar_local'] ) ? '<img src="'

. $board_config['avatar_gallery_path'] . '/' .
$profiledata['user_avatar'] . '" alt="" border="0" />' : '';

The abused calls to unlink() are made when an avatar is deleted. There
is a guard around these functions requiring that the target avatar to
unlink exist in the avatar_path. This routine is also vulnerable to a
directory traversal attack. By issuing a large number of "/../"
directory traversal modifiers, an attacker is able to delete arbitrary
system files. The vulnerable segment of code shown here is from lines
473-478 of usercp_register.php:

if ( @file_exists(@phpbb_realpath('./' .
. '/' . $userdata['user_avatar'])) )
@unlink(@phpbb_realpath('./' . $board_config['avatar_path'] .
. $userdata['user_avatar']));

An attacker can exploit this vulnerability by modifying the
"avatarselect" return value from the gallery to point to the desired
file to delete. The choice must be submitted twice for the attack to be


Exploitation of this vulnerability allows remote attackers to unlink
arbitrary system files under the privileges of the underlying web
server. An attacker must have or be able to create an account on the
target system. Non-default settings must be enabled for exploitation to
be possible. An attacker can potentially further compromise the target
system by erasing sensitive files such as .htaccess files that provide
access control rules.


iDEFENSE has confirmed the existence of this vulnerability in phpBB2
version 2.0.11. It is suspected that earlier versions are affected as
well. "Enable gallery avatars" must be enabled for the target to be


Disable gallery avatars. This can be done through th phpBB
administrative interface under "General Admin -> Configuration ->
Avatar Settings".


This vulnerability is addressed in phpBB version 2.0.12 available for
download at:


I'm a newbie and I do'n understand this much . Who can explaint how to xploit this bug for me . Give me an example . THank a lot !
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 08, 2005 11:33 am Reply with quote
Valuable expert
Valuable expert
Joined: Feb 22, 2005
Posts: 477

If you want to hack a 2.0.10 forum just use this:
That will get the Database Information from config.php.
And then you can use something like phpmyadmin or MySql conrol center to access the database. That is of course if the server you are sploiting has MySql. Razz
And if that doesnt work try cat20%config.php where it has tail20%config.php
Or if that doesnt work go to the "phpbb <= 2.0.12 exploit" thread in this forum and try the new cookie exploit by Heintz.


?In short: just say NO TO DRUGS, and maybe you won?t end up like the Hurd people.? -- Linus Torvalds
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Help me Phpbb 2.0.10
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