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July 18, 2024
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Full disclosure
[KIS-2024-06] XenForo <= 2.2.15 (Template System) Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
[KIS-2024-05] XenForo <= 2.2.15 (Widget::actionSave) Cross-Site Request Forgery Vulnerability
CyberDanube Security Research 20240703-0 | Authenticated Command Injection in Helmholz Industrial Router REX100
SEC Consult SA-20240627-0 :: Local Privilege Escalation via MSI installer in SoftMaker Office / FreeOffice
SEC Consult SA-20240626-0 :: Multiple Vulnerabilities in Siemens Power Automation Products
Novel DoS Vulnerability Affecting WebRTC Media Servers
APPLE-SA-06-25-2024-1 AirPods Firmware Update 6A326, AirPods Firmware Update 6F8, and Beats Firmware Update 6F8
40 vulnerabilities in Toshiba Multi-Function Printers
17 vulnerabilities in Sharp Multi-Function Printers
SEC Consult SA-20240624-0 :: Multiple Vulnerabilities allowing complete bypass in Faronics WINSelect (Standard + Enterprise)
SEC Consult SA-20240620-0 :: Arbitrary File Upload in edu-sharing (metaVentis GmbH)
Last 10 waraxe advisories

· [waraxe-2019-SA#110] - Reflected XSS in MapProxy 1.11.0
· [waraxe-2018-SA#109] - Multiple vulnerabilities in Wordfence Wordpress plugin
· [waraxe-2018-SA#108] - Username Disclosure in Breadcrumb NavXT Wordpress plugin
· [waraxe-2018-SA#107] - Reflected XSS in FV Flowplayer Wordpress plugin
· [waraxe-2013-SA#106] - Multiple Vulnerabilities in Saurus CMS 4.7.1
· [waraxe-2013-SA#105] - Multiple Vulnerabilities in Spider Catalog Wordpress Plugin
· [waraxe-2013-SA#104] - Multiple Vulnerabilities in Spider Event Calendar Wordpress Plugin
· [waraxe-2013-SA#103] - Multiple Vulnerabilities in phpMyAdmin
· [waraxe-2013-SA#102] - Reflected XSS in phpMyAdmin 3.5.7
· [waraxe-2013-SA#101] - Update Spoofing Vulnerability in Royal TS 2.1.5

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SQL Injection news

Hospital Management System Project In ASP.Net MVC 1 SQL Injection
jSQL Injection 0.101
WordPress Poll Maker 5.3.2 SQL Injection
Ivanti EPM RecordGoodApp SQL Injection / Remote Code Execution
WordPress Poll 2.3.6 SQL Injection
PMS 2024 1.0 SQL Injection
Simple Online Banking System 1.0 SQL Injection
WordPress Video Gallery - YouTube Gallery And Vimeo Gallery 2.3.6 SQL Injection
Cinema Booking System 1.0 SQL Injection / Cross Site Request Forgery
Red Hat Security Advisory 2024-4245-03
Red Hat Security Advisory 2024-4244-03
Simple Laboratory Management System 1.0 SQL Injection
Azon Dominator Affiliate Marketing Script SQL Injection
Xhibiter NFT Marketplace 1.10.2 SQL Injection
Carbon Forum 5.9.0 Cross Site Request Forgery / SQL Injection
jSQL Injection 0.100
Student Attendance Management System 1.0 SQL Injection
User Registration And Management System 3.2 SQL Injection
jSQL Injection 0.99
AEGON LIFE 1.0 SQL Injection
Lost And Found Information System 1.0 SQL Injection
Lost And Found Information System 1.0 SQL Injection
Ubuntu Security Notice USN-6825-1
FengOffice SQL Injection
jSQL Injection 0.98

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Cybercrime news
Ransomware Continues To Pile On Costs For Critical Infrastructure Victims
Rite Aid Says Hack Impacts 2.2 Million People
State, Local Governments Facing Deluge Of Phishing Attacks
Avast Secretly Gave DoNex Ransomware Decryptors To Victims
Hackers Leak Alleged Taylor Swift Ticket Data To Extort Ticketmaster
Crypto Hacking Thefts Double To 1.4 Billion In First Half Of 2024
Ransomware Locks Credit Union Users Out Of Bank Accounts
Mac Users Served Info Stealer Malware Through Google Ads
Deadline Looms For Alleged LockBit Extortion Over Feds Of 33TB Of Data
Cyber Attack Compromised Indonesian Datacenter, Ransom Sought
CDK Global Begins To Restore Systems After Cyber Attack Hits Thousands Of Retailers
Ransomware Group Exploits PHP Vulnerability Days After Disclosure
GitHub Phishing Campaign Wipes Repos, Extorts Victims
Ransomware Gangs Are Adopting More Brutal Tactics Amidst Crackdowns
Security Industry Has RaaS Model Wrong, Says Expert
Ransomware Attack Disrupting London Hospitals
Cybercrooks Get Cozy With BoxedApp To Dodge Detection
OpenAI Report Reveals Threat Actors Using ChatGPT In Influence Operations
Law Enforcement Operation Takes Aim At An Often Overlooked Cybercrime Lynchpin
Best Buy / Geek Squad Most Impersonated By Scammers In 2023
New Ransomware Uses BitLocker To Encrypt Victim Data
London Drugs Waiting On LockBit's Next Move
LockBit Dethroned As Ransomware Leader Since Takedown
Microsoft Quick Assist Tool Abused For Ransomware Delivery
FCC Names And Shames Royal Tiger AI Robocall Crew
Hacker news
Iran Phishes Israeli Orgs With Custom BugSleep Backdoor
Ransomware Continues To Pile On Costs For Critical Infrastructure Victims
Rite Aid Says Hack Impacts 2.2 Million People
APT Exploits Windows Zero-Day To Execute Code Via Disabled Internet Explorer
Trojan Source Flaw Could Result In Covert App Poisoning
Infoseccers Claim Squarespace Migration Linked To DNS Hijackings At Web3 Firms
5 Questions To Ask About The Latest News Surrounding The AT&T Breach
ZDI Shames MS For Yet Another Coordinated Vuln Disclosure Snafu
Data Of Millions Of mSpy Customers Leaked Online
OpenSSH Bug Leaves RHEL And RHELatives Vulnerable
China's APT41 Crew Adds A Stealthy Malware Loader And Fresh Backdoor To Its Toolbox
Millions Impacted By Breach At Advance Auto Parts
Gay Furry Hackers Say They Have Disbanded After Raiding Project 2025's Heritage Foundation
State, Local Governments Facing Deluge Of Phishing Attacks
Threat Actors Exploited Windows 0-Day For More Than A Year Before Microsoft Fixed It
Japanese Space Agency Spotted Zero-Day Attacks While Cleaning Up Attack On M365
Announcing The Bug Bounty Program Pack 1.0
Ticketmaster Warns Customers To Take Action After Hack
Global Coalition Blames China's APT40 For Hacking Government Networks
Houthi Rebels Are Operating Their Own GuardZoo Spyware
Avast Secretly Gave DoNex Ransomware Decryptors To Victims
Hackers Leak Alleged Taylor Swift Ticket Data To Extort Ticketmaster
Grassley Wants More Details On Breach Of CISA System
Hacker Stole Secrets From OpenAI
Latest Ghostscript Vulnerability Haunts Experts As The Next Big Breach Enabler
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